Nankabirwa to start monitoring NRM MPs during committee meetings

Government  Chief-whip Ruth Nankabirwa has pledged to start monitoring and attending committees of parliament Chaired by the NRM MPs in a bid to reduce on the absenteeism of MPs  and reduce on harassment of witnesses in committees.

This comes after the closed meeting with chairpersons of the committees who informed her of the different challenges they are facing including limited funds and very new clerks who are not yet aware on how to handle parliamentary work which has made their work difficult.

Nankabirwa noted that she has received reports from witnesses that they are mistreated in committees by MPs to the extent that some of them feel like they are being tortured.

Nankabirwa also said that she wants to curtail the absence of MPs in committees saying that the chairperson have asked her to begin attending committees to see if her presence will improve on attendance.

Nankabirwa also said that in the meeting she had warned chairpersons against taking any financial assistance from individuals with out getting the speakers approval as this might compromise them.

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