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Lake Victoria Island child care, Uganda (Osanide Village) giving hope to children

Many islands are known for being more of a crime infested places because of the lifestyle people live. Some of them have been ignored by the outside world who do not really know what goes on in them.

Drake Kanaabo, a Ugandan evangelist is one of the people who have come up to make a change in Bussi Island and in this he started and orphanage there, launched a widow program, medical center and was the driving force behind implementing a police department in the former lawless region.

The orphanage is mostly known as Lake Victoria Island Child Care, Uganda also commonly known as Osanide Village. It is an orphanage and a community that started in the year 2006, takes care of orphans and widows around islands and they are located in Bussi Island.

Drake Kanabo an evangelist with children form the Osanide orphanage

History of the Village

Dayspring Christian Center describes Osanidde village as a home of transformed children on the shores of Bussi Island in Lake Victoria. It began in February 2006 with just 80 children. This 35 acre property is currently teeming with 160 energetic children who love Jesus with all of their hearts.

Osanidde is blessed with an accredited school with 9 certified teachers and a medical staff on duty 24/7. The orphans live in 16 houses, each with 10 children and a “mamma”. There are 4 “uncles” and a fully staffed security team on site.

These children were brought to Osanidde from the surrounding villages and islands of Lake Victoria. Unfortunately, little is known about these children prior to their being rescued. Often the chiefs of the village have little or no information about their background. It is not uncommon for both parents to have died due to the Aids virus.

Why it is the point of focus

Drake Kanaabo, says the orphanage mainly focuses children on island because there is a lot that goes on in the island and people there are vulnerable given the fact that a number of them are affect by HIV/AIDS that ends up leaving them widowed and orphaned.

He says giving to the underprivileged however little it is makes a very big difference in their lives because they will at least get something that will improve on their state.

Kanaabo says the place is unreached which leaves them without many social amenities like roads, lack of schools, hospitals and also a lot of illiteracy which has left people ignorant hence failing to take precautions to things that may be a danger in their lives.

“At the moment we have 160 children in the orphanage and 1350 people who pick ARVs in the clinic that was built which has at least reduced the death toll in the community and with this people have also learnt how to take precaution because they also offer counselling services,” says Kanaabo.

Criteria used to get the children

“Most children are got from the island and others are picked up from different islands as long as it is confirmed that they are orphans and need are helpless,” says Kanaabo.

For the children, he says they offer them shelter, food, clothing, medical services and education because they have some social amenities that we have put in place so that people can have them close to them.

Having the children at school at a tender age enables them minimise the number of children they have idling in the area and less law breakers because it is at a tender age that the children are initiated into crime.

Kanaabo says in order for them to empower the women, they give them skills that can use to start up something small. Also they are given counselling sessions that empowers them and improves on their self-esteem.

He says most of them have gained confidence and have collected the pieces which has enabled them stabilise.

The funding

As an orphanage, they do not have proper funding, they have well-wishers who keep chipping in each time they need help and this has helped them take care of the orphans and also empower the women so that they can be able to take care of their families.

He says most of the funding comes from well-wishers and church people who feel the need to better the community.

“We also have Israelites who volunteer in the schools by teaching the children, giving them free medical services in the hospitals and also other activities in the community,” says Kanaabo.

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