Sugarcane trailer rams into building, injures one

Sugar cane truck rams into building in Kiryandongo

One person was left nursing injuries at Kiryandongo Hospital after a truck hauling sugarcane swayed off the road demolishing a nearby building in Kiryandongo District.  Details about the injured remained scanty, but preliminary details indicate that it was a female student who was in the building at the time of the accident.

Residents scramble for sugarcane. Photo by Kundu Ronald

According to eye witnesses, the truck, belonging to Kiryandongo Sugar Company LTD was over speeding and lost control when the behind trailer unhitched from the front trailer in Kigaragara Cell, Kigumba Town council, Kiryandongo district along Masindi – Kigumba highway.

It is reported that the physically old trailer, which had no number plates, hit a long speed hump causing the hitch to loosen. The driver continued driving the cab with one trailer after the behind trailer uncoupled causing mysterious damages.

Kigumba Police responded swiftly slowing down traffic along Kigumba – Masindi road amidst a heavy crowd that rushed to the scene. People were seen pulling off sugarcanes from the wrecked trailer stuck in the building for their consumption.

“Over speeding is a culture among truck drivers along this road,” said a one Janet, a resident of the area. Residents of the area indicate that they have raised concerns on the littering roads caused by over speeding sugarcane trucks that pour sugarcanes on hitting humps to no avail.

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