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26 Sheikhs coverts to Christianity


There is shock in the Muslim Community and actassy in the Christian community in Uganda, East Africa after 26 sheikhs willingly converted to Christianity and accepted Jesus Christ as their person saviour.

The 26 prospectus sheikhs were part of the 503 candidates who sat for last year’s Islamic Primary Leaving Examinations (IPLE).

Some of the prospectus sheikhs converted to Christianity had passed Islamic exams in grade one, according to the 2013 IPLE results released in Kampala on Wednesday by the Islamic National Examinations Board (INEB).

The 26 sheikhs converted to Christianity were good in Tarubiya (Islamic ethics, Islamic history and the traditions of the prophet), reading and interpretation of the Holy Koran, Fiqih (Islamic jurisprudence) and Lughatul Arabiya (Arabic Language and its grammar).

Sheikh Haruna Jjemba, the INEB executive secretary blames poor performance in Islamic exams and conversion of Muslims to other religions on lack of up to date Arabic text books, ill-trained teachers who don’t use Arabic when teaching students.


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