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Activist calls for the ban of Mollases for Alcohol production in Uganda

An official from the East African Center for Constitutional Development, Edrine Wanyama has appealed to the government of Uganda to ban the use of Sugar Molasses used to make Alcohol because, they are poorly processed and are of bad quality.

Sachet Alcohol

Sachet Alcohol

Molasses are sugar bye-products commonly found near sugar processing industries of Kinyara Sugar works in Masindi district of western Uganda. Others are Kakira Sugar works and Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited (SCOUL) both located in Eastern Uganda.

Wanyama says gone are the days when extra care was taken to ensure quality in the brewing of Alcohol popularly known as Waragi in Uganda because of greed for more profits by manufacturer’s in the informal sector.

He says in addition to being of poor quality, Alcohol processed from molasses is cheap making it affordable to every Ugandan and hence easily prone to abuse.

The activist says, consumption of poor quality Alcohol has led to loss of people’s lives with symptoms like sunken red eyes, persistent diarrhea, shivering, swollen cheeks and general deformation of the face.

In 2009, the government of Uganda banned consumption and manufacturing of sachet but, people continue to die from over-consumption of poor quality Alcohol.

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