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Activist calls for environmentally friendly waste disposal in Kampala

An official from the Uganda National Association of Professional Environmentalists Godfrey Kamese has appealed to the management of Kampala City Council (KCC) to adopt a micro organisms system to dispose household wastes because it is environmentally friendly.

Kamese told journalists in Uganda Capital City of Kampala that burning wastes leads to environmental pollution leading to environmental degradation in Uganda.

Kampala Mayor - Nasser Ssebagala

Kampala Mayor - Nasser Ssebagala

Apart from being environmentally friendly, the activist says the waste disposal system is also cheap because it requires less manpower and less sophiscated machines.

If adopted it will be goods news to Uganda’s environmental control measures and reduce KCC’s expenditures on waste management.

Uganda has suffered the effects of environmental pollution as seen by the recent flooding in the Eastern Uganda’s region of Teso and the recent draught which led to food scarcity in Uganda.

Burning wastes contributes to global warming because it releases carbon dioxide, a green house gas which destroys the Ozone layer. Ozone layer protects the earth’s surface from Ultra-violent rays from the atmosphere.

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By Solomon Akugizibwe, Ultimate Media

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