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Activist calls for the implementation of the Uganda copy rights law

An official from the Uganda Performing Rights Society (UPRS) General secretary James Wasula, has appealed to the government of Uganda to intervene in reducing the pirating of Uganda music to ensure the development of the industry.

Bebe Cool

Ugandan stars like Bebe Cool stand to lose if the law isn't implimented

He says the organization is in contact with the inspector General of Police Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura to ensure that the Uganda Copyright law is implemented. Uganda Copy Right and Neighboring Rights Act, which controls the production and sale of literary works like books, plays and music among others, was enacted in 2006.

Wasula also appealed to musicians to collaborate and ensure their music isn’t pirated which leads to big losses.

He says close to 1 trillion Uganda shillings is lost annually because of music piracy affecting the development of the Uganda Music industry because, it doesn’t encourage more people in the industry and discaurages innovation and creativity necessary for better competition at the international stage.

According to statistics from the UPRS, over 40 percent of the music sold in Uganda is pirated.

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