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African tribes where women use thorns and niddles to pierce their bodies


Since time in memorial, body piercing and tattooing in Africa was part of body art. The body piercing in Africa was initially done using thorns and needles. But in so many African countries body piercing and tattooing is done using pin-guns. Women tattoo and pierce their body all in the name of beauty.  For over the years, millions of women in Africa and across the world have endured paid while undergoing the tattooing and body piercing.

There are things that men these days do that in the past were for only women and there are things that women do today that in the past were for only men.

The medicalnewstoday.com, exposes the Health Risks of Tattooing and Ear or Body Piercing,” and warns that Tattooing and ear/ body piercing increases the risk of contracting serious blood-borne diseases.

The medicalnewstoday.com further explains that tattoos and body piercing bacteria or viruses can enter one’s body through the skin when it is pierced.

Some women love to go for waxing. But the pain they get every time they get back is too much. Waxing is so painful that you wouldn’t even advise your worst enemy to try it. According to www.besthealthmag.ca, waxing is not completely without risk. However, Dr. Michael Libman, director of the division for infectious diseases at McGillUniversity, says you are highly unlikely to end up in hospital from waxing. More common risks of waxing include dermatitis, skin irritation and folliculitis (an inflammation of the hair follicle), particularly in the pubic area, “where it tends to be warm and humid,” says Libman.


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