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Apply for postdoctoral training for East African researchers.


Postdoctoral researchers are the main drivers of research in all major research institutions globally.

Therefore KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, as part of capacity building and research leadership development, is keen to provide support for postdoctoral training for East African researchers particularly for those in the early stages of their careers.

KEMRI-Wellcome has therefore defined a career path beginning from early postdocs through mid and senior research fellows to principal research fellows.

Early postdoc are generally employed within a year or two of finishing their PhD training on funding from a more senior researchers but are generally expected to start developing application for their own research grants in the second year of their employment.

Subsequently the postdocs will be expected to continue raising grants to continue funding their position and research activities so as to progress up the career path.

In addition they are expected to start supervising and mentoring students and postdoc who are junior to them.

KEMRI-Wellcome has developed strong collaboration with local universities with whom we partner in building local research capacity.

Together with these universities KEMRI-Wellcome aims to provide support that will enable Kenyan postdoctoral researchers establish a research base within the Universities.

Postdoctoral Positions Available

Several early and mid-level postdoctoral positions are available.

These positions offer an opportunity to work with experienced scientists in a highly dynamic research environment.

In addition, the positions are aimed at providing support and mentorship for the holders to develop applications for grants to support their future research work.

  • Early postdoctoral positions are open to applicants who completed their PhD training in the last 1 – 2 years.
  • Mid-level postdoctoral positions are open to applicants who have between two and four years of postdoctoral experience and a strong publication record.

Two positions will be based at Pwani University with strong support from KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme.

The position holders are expected to spearhead the development of a health research unit within the university.

The positions are open to East Africans and are two years non-renewable.

However, during this period the position holder is expected to develop and submit applications for further external funding.

If funding is awarded the holder’s contract will be extended to the end of the awarded grant period.

Salary grade for both levels: 9.01 – 9.06 (depending on years of experience). Starting salary – £25,416.

For enquiries please contact Dr. Sam Kinyanjui – skmuchina [at] kemri-wellcome.org

For complete information and application, see: Postdoctoral Positions

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