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Benefits of yoghurt to your health



Locally known as amacunda or bongo or ekivuguto, yoghurt is a daily wonder that is made from milk fermentation. Yoghurt has the following benefits to people.

Yoghurt is so important for bowel health. It has been associated with aiding in maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal track and acting as acatalyst in reducing the risks of colon cancer, constipation, controlling diarrhoea and inflammatory bowel diseases.

Yoghurt has good bacteria called PROBIOTICS, which helps in the well-functioning of the digesting system. Yoghurt eliminates candida, the probiotics microflora has also been found to reduce the occurance of vaginal yeast infection in women.

The drink is a healthy alternative to milk for lactose-intolerant people whose systems can’t digest the lactose in milk. Peopple who can’t digest lactose, which is the main carbohydrate found in milk can consume and digest yoghurt easily.

Yoghurt is vital for bone growth, helps to mantain healthy bones, muscle repair and growth with its calcium. It helps in weight watchers, for people losing weight, yoghurt helps them feel full longer. This helps in weight watching because it curbs hunger pangs which also translates to less food intake. Yoghurt also has low calories and the drink has been associated with curbing the risk of high blood pressure by lowering it, boosting memory, is packed withinc, iodine, vitamins that include riboflavin, vitamin B12, its also known as immunity booster.



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