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Bishops beg government to legalise prostitution


Legalising prostitution I think will make some women lazy to work since all they will have to do to earn an income is to sleep with men and no one will point a finger at them because it would be a legal job. Sometimes I imagine prostitution is legalized and a young girl is asked in class what she wants to be in the future and she goes, “I want to be a professional sex worker.” That kind of the Republic of Uganda would be doomed. If you dought this ask Miria Matembe, the former ethics minister of Uganda government.

 Legalising prostitution will not make the practice any good; it will remain a job where people sell their bodies for money and degrading.

Many men decry prostitution during day time, but do you know how many of them go looking for prostitutes at night. Instead of risking women’s life by sneaking away through bushes, corridors and hiding from police, why not legalise commercial sex in Uganda and we have a safer life for women. Criminalising commercial sex is an indicator of discrimination of prostitutes and this may result into unsafe measures of engaging in sex, spread of HIV and poor working conditions. There are stories of girls going to to China, US, Dubai and Europe to work as sex workers. Is this necessary? I think prostitution should be legalised in Uganda and all Africa after all prostitution is a harmless act. I mean look all around you today and show me one person who is not fornicating? Some Pastors, bishops and sheikhs also buy prostitutes. Prostitution should not, by definition, be considered a crime but rather a type of business mixed with pleasure.

People in life have different tastes they want to engage in, have different talents and aspire to be judged differently. The same can be applied to prostitution. I am Walakira Nyanzi, an LCIII councilor in Makindye Sabagabo, Kampala, but don’t get me wrong. Countries like Germany have legalised prostitution and collected taxes from prostitutes…


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