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Breaking news: South Sudan rebels chase away Museveni



South Sudan rebel leaders negotiating a peace deal in Ethiopia have demanded that president Museveni (Uganda) withdraws his troops from Juba. Dr Dhieu Mathok Ding Wol, a member of the South Sudan rebel group, says Uganda’s military presence in South Sudan was an obstacle to peace talks. The doctor also accuses Museveni’s soldiers of killing people of Nuer tribe in South Sudan and ‘stealing’ peoples’ property the way the same army reportedly did in the Democratic Republic of Congo and recently in Somalia.

Dr. Dhieu further warned Museveni to stop supporting individuals in South Sudan but to work for peace in South Sudan. The doctor told Museveni to remove his soldiers from South Sudan and take them to Kampala where he usually harrasses innocent civilians advocating for their rights and rule of law.

Dhieu says the position of President Museveni on the conflict in South Sudan is affecting even the peace process mediated by IGAD in Addis   Ababa.

He says that it seems the conflict of interest is completely misunderstood by Museveni and his government in Kampala.
President Museveni, on December 30, travelled to Juba where he warned that either Dr Riek Machar rebels embrace the ceasefire plan suggested by President Kiir and endorsed by regional leaders under the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) or face the wrath of the regional forces. Dhieu says Museveni should go back to Uganda where he talks and people fear to reason him out. It is said that Museveni fears the rebel success in South Sudan because the same mistakes president Saliva Kiir committed that caused ensurgency are the same Museveni commits in Kampala. Other critics say that the situation in Kampala is worse than that caused the South Sudan conflict where people fight to liberate their country from the hands of the ‘Dinka’ despots.

By Walakira Nyanzi, SouthSudan

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