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Business owners & students are highly encouraged to have Credit card for safety.


Credit cards are easy to obtain in most western countries. Many banks offer credit cards for students.

Learning about credit cards, their offers, benefits, features and terms will help you to make good financial decisions and get the best credit card rates.

Credit cards are the cheapest and the easiest way to borrow. Normally, no evidence of income will be required if you can establish your identity.

Having a credit card will enable you handle emergencies, reduce the need to carry cash and give you enhanced personal responsibility and independence.

However, only the internationally recognised cards like a Visa or MasterCard will enable you to receive these benefits.

Unlike traditional loans, credit cards do not allow you to spread the amount you owe over a fixed period.

Instead, you are required to make minimum monthly payments.

Once you get your first credit card, you will start getting pre-approved offers for other cards in the mail after a period of about six months.

If one company has denied you a credit card, do not apply for another immediately. Wait for an average of 4 – 6 months before attempting elsewhere. In addition, the company that denies you a credit is required by the law to inform you why. Request a copy of your credit report to see what is in it.

You can obtain your credit report from the credit report agencies whose contact details you will find in the yellow pages or the Internet.

Many credit cards available do not charge annual fees. Do not get a credit card that has an annual fee.

Having high lines of credits boosts your credit score. It shows creditors that financial institutions trust you.

Do not overspend. Use your credit cards to your advantage. Only buy things that you can pay for in cash. This will keep you from buying what you cannot afford.

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