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Can British Airline and Entebbe Airport Help me on this

Subject: Is there anybody at EBB Airport responsible for sorting out this?
Formal complaint to British Airways (Entebbe) following loss of GBP 300

Name of complainant : Dr Muwonge Nasur Lubega

Email: drmuwonge@yahoo.co.uk

Tel: UK +44 7507827568 (Temporary until 15th April 2010) Uganda +256 772 615143 (15th April to 18th April) Sudan +249 034 628 (from 18th April onwards)

At about 7.15AM on 9th /04/2010, I arrived at the Entebbe airport. I went through the security check. Before the security check I produced my ticket and passport from my small documents purse that measures about 7X4X1 inches (has an IBM sign on the closing flap). I then pushed my possessions through the X-ray scan and picked them from the other end. Thereafter I lined up waiting for my turn to check in. At the same time I filled in my Immigration card. I took my turn to check in. I produced my Ticket and passport to the officer on the desk (who I have since identified as Ben). I checked in my baggage and went away to proceed to immigration. Before immigration I picked my computer and hand luggage that I had left on the extreme end of the checking in lounge. I continued to immigration and I was cleared. I went through one duty free shop where a lady showed me a book (I opened it but did not take it).

I then went straight to Gate 4, then went through the x-ray scan once again and cleared at the second airline desk that was managed by 2 ladies. I sat in the waiting lounge for about 45minutes. At the time of calling for boarding, a lady (who was at the second checking desk) came with my small documents purse. As soon as she went away, I realised my GBP300 was no longer in this purse. I did not have enough time to submit in an official complaint at the airport because it would have meant missing my flight, but i talked to the lady who brought me the purse and Ben who was at the plane). To the best of my knowledge this purse contained 4 notes of GPB 50 pounds and 5 notes of GBP 20 (totalling GBP £300). Other things that were not removed included USD 15 and Sudan pounds 60 (and other official documents that included my work permit and travel permit to Sudan etc).

Your support to help recover this money will be highly appreciated.

My Ticket details:

Name: Muwonge Nasur

Issuing airline: BA

Ticket number: ETKT 125 3602043152

Flight number: BA 0062 N 09APR 0905 NLRCAFR Arrival time 1600

Thanking you in advance

Dr.Nasuru Muwonge

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