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Commemorate Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday By Emulating Him, Muslims Advised

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday

 As Muslims in the world prepare to commemorate this year’s birthday of Prophet Muhammad, Ugandans have been reminded to emulate the prophet’s way of life, especially how he treated other people including Muslims and non-Muslims, the poor and the rich and his relatives or strangers.

Prophet Muhammad was born on 12 Rabiul-awal (29 August 570 CE), the third month of the Muslim calendar. His 2020 birthday commemorations are expected to tentatively be observed on 29th or 30th of October, 2020.

While leading yesterday’s Juma Prayers at Old Kampala National Mosque, Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Deputy Imam sheikh Imran Ssali said prophet Muhammad was the best example to rely on if any community needed guidance on how to treat others equally in rights and dignity.

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday

He urged Muslims to read, attend seminars and learn such good traits from the Prophet’s history which points at treating others equally even when their status is far below theirs.

Sheikh Ssali further emphasized the need for Muslims to commemorate prophet Muhammad’s birthday and use it as a reflection to better their faith rather than only paying attention to their children’s birthday events and other unreligious commemorations.

He reminded married men and women to use this year’s birthday of Prophet Muhammad, to renew their determination to love and care for each another, but also fight gender based violence.

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