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Countries against homosexuality in Africa




The Republic of Uganda is the latest country on African continent to establish a law that imposes a life sentence for people found guilty of practicing homosexuality.

In TUNISIA anyone found guilty of sodomy is punished to three years in jail.
In MOROCCO homosexuality is punishable to three years in prison.


Anyone charged with a homosexual act in ALGERIA faces two years in prison.
In ZIMBABWE gays and lesbians are looked at as worse than pigs and dogs.
In MALAWI under the country’s penal code, men are sentenced to 14 years and women to five years for homosexuality.


The Nigerian constitution provides 14 years in prison for gay couples who live together and 10 years for public displays of gay activities. But in northern Nigeria homosexuality carries the death sentence.


In CAMEROON homosexuals are jailed for five years, GAMBIA homosexuals are imprisoned for 14 years. In ZAMBIA homosexuality carries a 14-year prison sentence, while in SENEGAL homosexuality is sentenced for five years in prison.


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