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Don’t skip meals to loose weight

Skipping meals is not a solution to weight loss according to Louise Serunjogi – a dietician and nutritionist with Uganda Ministry of Health.

He says people who skip meals tend to over eat when they get the opportunity to eat food causing more weight gain, which is unhealthy.

Vegetables are highly recommended

Vegetables are highly recommended

The Ugandan dietician says, the energy used by the body comes from food therefore avoiding to eat food to reduce body weight is unhealthy.

Sserunjogi advises people in dire need of weight loss to eat small frequent meals free of sugars like vegetables and fats and do frequent exercises to break down fats.

Obesity, one the leading cause of deaths in developed countries in becoming a major health issue in poor African countries like Uganda due to adoption of western styles of living like high consumption of manufactured fatty foods, longer periods spent in offices and addiction to Television

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