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EALA MPs wants a joint peace keeping force for East Africa

The East Africa Legislative Assembly is pushing for the various countries of the East African Community to have a joint peace keeping force rather than countries owning independent peace keeping forces
that they send to given countries that face instability.

Dan Kidega

Uganda EALA Representative Dan Kidega

One of the representatives of Uganda on EALA Dan Kidega has told a press briefing in Kampala that at the moment different countries in East Africa have sent peace keeping teams to countries like Sudan and Somalia that are facing instability.

Kidega says for example Uganda and Burundi have a team in Somalia and so does Rwanda have a team to keep peace in the Dafur region in Southern Sudan.

Another representative of Uganda on the assembly Mike Sebalu says it would have been preferable that instead of sending independent teams, the countries in East Africa would probably each contribute a brigade of forces and that force would go to such unstable countries as an East African force rather than a force of the various countries like it has is at the moment.

Sebalu says he hopes the various armies will listen to their call and work on having a joint peace keeping team.

By Zacharia Tiberindwa, Ultimate Media

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