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Eating high energy foods by people in sedentary jobs causes heart disease



Millions of people around the world do much of their work from their office chairs/ desks. Such people’s physical activity is limited and therefore, their need for high-energy foods is not as high as their more physical activity counterparts.


So people who spend their working hours seated need to reduce on their consumption of high energy foods. HIGH-ENERGY FOODS are not easily used up by the largely inactive bodies of the people in sedentary jobs…which mean that most of the food that they consume will be deposited in the body as fats.

The above predisposes such people to heart diseases and other health complications. It is advisable that while minimising carbohydrates intake, sedentary people need to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables. These enable them to feel full and compromise their urge to eat more food. And instead of eating fatty and fried foods, people in this category should consider boiled food and a lot of water.


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