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Get research studies in masters and Bachelor’s degrees.


Target group: Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree

Purpose: Study, Research

Field of study: Architecture and town planning

Countries: All

Value and purpose of grant: 5 scholarships of € 10.000 each

Grant award Period: 1 year

The Berlage Institute Scholarship is aimed at excellent 1st. year Berlage Institute participants who will be continuing their studies in the 2nd. year postgraduate program at the Berlage Institute.

Scholarship Requirements for Eligibility:

The Berlage participant must have obtained excellent results in the Berlage Institute’s 1st. year program and in previous studies/work. Furthermore they must be proficient in English.

Applications must include:

  • application form
  • updated cv
  • a portfolio including Berlage projects
  • an ielts/toefl test with the required test scores

Send applications to the Program Manager at: Berlage Institute, att. M.v.d. Burgh, Botersloot 25, 3011 HE Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Email: vanderburgh [at] berlage-institute.nl

For more information and application materials, see: Berlage Institute Scholarships Website

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