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HIV/AIDS activist says treatment reduces HIV transmission

The Office of Good Will Ambassadors on HIV/AIDS has revealed that new evidence shows that the treatment of HIV/AIDS results in a 92% reduction in the spread of the HIV virus.

Rev. Can. Gideon Byamugisha and Florence Buluba at the press conference

One of the Ambassadors from that office, Rev. Can. Gideon Byamugisha has told journalists in Kampala that appropriate HIV/AIDS treatment is important to the prevention of the spread of HIV.

Rev. Can. Byamugisha who is living positively with HIV says the new findings demonstrate the positive effect the treatment of HIV/AIDS has on fighting the spread of HIV. He however did not disclose the report that made this finding or who carried out the research.

There have been some criticisms over recent allocation to a lot of funding to treatment and care of HIV/AIDS through provision of life saving Antiretroviral drugs, with some people saying more effort should instead be focused on HIV prevention efforts.

Byamugisha is calling upon the government of Uganda and international donors supporting HIV/AIDS related programs to scale up their efforts in increasing access to HIV/AIDS treatment. He says increasing funding for HIV/AIDS treatment is a prerequisite in effectively fighting the HIV/AIDS scourge in Uganda.

Byamugisha has also criticized the government of Uganda because its 2010/2011 budget that was recently read by the Minister of Finance Planning and Economic Development did not provide any particular funding or plans for fighting HIV/AIDS, which is still a big health challenge of Uganda.

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By Zacharia Tiberindwa, Ultimate Media

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