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How Brundians participated in Rwandan Genocide


After the death of the bourgoumestre (mayor) Callixte Ndagijimana, who was speaking against the Tutsi killings, the killers of the Tutsis who included Interahamwe militia, Rwandan soldiers and local policemen (gendarmes) used grenades, live bullets, machetes and clubs to kill the Tutsis in their thousands.

Jean Damascene Niyotumuragije, a survivor of Tutsi killings says the enemies of the Tutsis hired Burundians who were then staying in a refugee camp (called Nyagahama) in Ntongwe district to help in the killings.

The Tutsi killers’ moblised over twenty trucks of Burundians to assist in the killings of the members of the Tutsi community according to Damascene am eyewitness.

The Tutsis tried to organise a resistance but the people who were killing them overpowered them. But the Burundians have never been brought to justice as they just returned to their country after the Genocide.

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