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How to deal with painful tongue


The tongue is one of digestive organs of the body which keeps food between the upper and lower teeth until it is properly chewed. A tongue is a very sensitive organ of the body that detects taste, and responds heat and pain.

When a person experiences pain on the tongue, it may result of several factors. The sores on the tongue can be caused by tongue-biting, which may occur when chewing food. Also sores on the tongue may happen as a result of burns from consuming hot foods and liquids.

One of the clinician at Choice Medical Centre in Kampala, Ms Josephine Lanyero says some sores or blisters on the tongue result from food allergens.

Dr Jeremiah Baraze of Saviour Medical Centre in Makindye Division, Kampala says that some wounds on the tongue may be prompted by oral thrust…Oral thrust is a yeast infection in the mouth.


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