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How to protect your family and friends against tuberculosis


If you have active tuberculosis (TB), it is highly advisable to try as much as possible to keep germs (TB) to yourself. The process of treating TB takes a few weeks.

Follow these tips to help keep your friends and family from getting sick of TB infections.  Don’t go to work plac, church, public gathering, schools or sleep with other people while you are on TB treatment.

Tuberculosis germs spread more in small closed spaces where air doesn’t move in and out well. Open the windows and use a fan to blow indoor air outside. Use a tissue to cover your mouth every time you laugh, sneeze or cough.

Wearing a surgical mask when you’re around other people during the first three weeks of treatment may help lessen the risk of transmission.

When you stop treatment early or skip doses, TB bacteria have a chance to develop mutations that allow them to survive the most potent TB drugs…resulting into drug-resistant strains difficult to treat.


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