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How to treat leprosy


Some people suffering from leprosy report late to hospitals when their bodies have already badly damaged.  Leprosy is a disease transmitted in overcrowded conditions with poor sanitation.

The orthopaedic surgeons at Mulago hospital say that leprosy (the bacterial illness) can be cured before it causes serious damage.

In many countries except in Uganda where corruption is too much, multi-drug therapy (MDT) is available free of charge.

The people afflicted with leprosy many times do not know how to spot the signs of the disease early enough making the disease to take an insidious hold, attacking nerve endings, destroying the ability to feel pain and injury.

Leprosy patients can walk on fire and they do not realize. Leprosy patients are susceptible to sores and infections which can lead to the loss of fingers, hands, toes and feet, blindness and facial disfigurement.


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