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Idi Amin: Hero or Vilain. New book on Uganda’s former President on Sale at AMazon

Is Uganda’s Late President Idi Amin Dada a Hero or a Villain? A lot has been said about Amin who ruled Uganda from 1971 when he overthrew the Milton Obote I government through a military coup, until 1979 when he was deposed by combined military forces of Ugandans with the help of the Tanzania government.

Former Uganda President, the Late Idi Amin Dada

Some people swear that Amin’s government was a dictatorship full of murder and torture, while others always cite Amin’s government as developmental and beneficial to Uganda’s. A new book on Uganda’s controversal and most internationally known President is out and on sale on Amazon.

The book,  Idi Amin: Hero or Villain? Jaffar Amin and Other people Speak gives a different picture of Amin far from the brutal leader that he is internationally known to be.  The E-Version of Amin’s book is available on the website www.millenniumglobalinc.com and www.idiamindada.com.

Stephen Mungoma, the publisher and promoter of the book says it is aimed educating people on facts of history and through knowing the facts during Amin’s reign, encourage and inspire people to make informed decisions based on facts.

“This book is not defending Amin at all, but it is telling the story and as much as possible bringing out facts that are verifiable,” Mungoma says.

But it will take real hard work for the book that carries views and memories of Amin’s Children about their father to change the way the world remembers Amin, who once declared himself life President of Uganda, Conquirer of the British Empire among his many titles.

Amin, a devout muslim  died in 2003 and was burried in Saudi Arabia where he was exiled since 1979.

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