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Individuals are called to apply for wingate scholarships in various trainings.


Wingate Scholarships are awarded to individuals of great potential or proven excellence who need financial support to undertake pioneering or original work of intellectual, scientific, artistic, social or environmental value, and to outstandingly talented musicians for advanced training.

They are designed to help with the costs of a specific project which may last up to 3 years.

The average total award is about £6,500 and the maximum in any one year is £10,000.

There is no upper age limit and the Scholarship Committee welcomes applications from mature candidates and those from non-traditional academic backgrounds.

Wingate Scholarships attempts to provide funding for cross-disciplinary projects that might not fall comfortably into any of the conventional funding categories.

Applicants must demonstrate they meet one or more of the following 5 priorities:

  • Will undertake a project with the potential markedly to benefit humanity, either collectively or in a specific community (by way of health, wealth or personal fulfilment).
  • Wish to pursue a project which has the potential to make a radical impact on the applicant’s future work and/or life direction.
  • Seek to undertake a project requiring the effective application of an innovative multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Face unusual hardship or have overcome significant personal difficulties.
  • Are unable to access financial support from traditional funding sources for reasons of residency, citizenship or other legal requirements.
  • Show clear evidence of outstanding ability, promise or creative attainment in one or more of the eligible subject areas.
  • Seek to undertake or to complete a project of outstanding originality, creativity and quality, for which they can demonstrate they have the necessary motivation and ability.

Application Deadline: February 1.

For more information and scholarship applications, see: Wingate Scholarships.


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