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Iran says its treason to deny other nations right to use nuclear energy


By Walakira Nyanzi

The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said it is treason and betray of mankind for any nation to deny another to use nuclear energy.

President Ahmadinejad who is on his visit to Uganda told journalists in Kampala today that no country in the world should have monopoly over the use of nuclear energy.

He says Iran thinks it is the right of all nations to use nuclear energy.

Ahmadinejad says Iran will stand against fear, intimidation, oppression and suppression of countries.

He described the people and the political leadership in Iran as peaceful, friendly, predevelopment and hardworking.

Ahmadinejad urged the people of Uganda to work with Iran to stand against fear of all kind of oppression and suppression of countries. 

President Ahmadinejad says Iran enjoys sovereignty, purity and integrity and stands firm against oppression and aggression against any country that thinks only about its own interests.

He says Iran will do everything to invade other countries that undermine independence and sovereignty of other nations.

Ahmadinejad without mentioning names strongly condemned all nations that plunder and loot resources of other nations and ignore human dignity wherever they go.

He says Iran wants to use nuclear because it is cheap energy. Ahmadinejad however says developed countries hate developing countries to use cheap energy.

He also challenges countries who seek to eliminate nuclear weapons to first dismantle thousands of nuclear war weapons they have in their military stores.

 President Museveni pledged to work together with Iran in areas of trade, education and development.

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