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Janet Museveni orders Museveni to give her respect



Many men in Africa and the world at large work hard to make money. Most of the men including president Museveni, US President Barack of Obama and Rwandan President Gen. Paul Kagame  spend long hours to build a shining future for their children, families amd grand children.

Some men go to the gym on daily basis and spend most of the time checking their emails on laptops. In the evennings they hangout with friends, playing video games, watching football matches…

But the same men fail to appreciate that the wives they leave at home are lonely and they are kept as prisoners under their control. Many women, especially in Africa can’t work/walk without the permission of men and they must always look pleasant and keep the houses clean.

The women in Africa including president Museveni’s wife, Janet Museveni must tolerate the nonsense the men’s relatives keep on saying and accept it as facts. The men’s relatives many times treat wives in the homes of their sons/brothers badly and ridicule every decision women make. Most women are not allowed to open their mouths to challenge men or the men’s relatives; otherwise they might be labeled as nagging and disrespectful.

Most of the words from men to wives are orders, directives, commands or prohibitions… this kind of life makes wives not to appreciate the luxuries they enjoy in men’s homes. Many women around the world, but more especially in Africa need men in their lives not money. They lack/want men to communicate and reciprocate with, people they share feelings. When there is no love in women’s lives, and no Iman/pastor/eleder/clan leader/councilor in their hearts, such women surrender to the first evil men who give them affection and false promises.



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