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Lukwago likens Museveni to Iddi Amin in his letter to statehouse


Your Excellency, I do appreciate the rigours you have endured in your relentless struggle to seize and have a firm grip on the office of the Lord Mayor. The humiliating defeat of the NRM rigging machinery in the 2011 mayoral elections; the warped interpretation of the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Act; the futile attempt to stampede parliament to approve the Kintu-Magezi forged report that had recommended an outright take over of the city administration by your office; the botched up Bamugemereire tribunal process and all the attendant antics; the flagrant violation of the court injunction; the judicial finding that your Attorney General is groping in legal darkness; the naked brutality and persecution meted out against me etc.

You have now sanctioned schemes to tinker with the KCCA Act to scrap the adult sufferage system, all in the name of removing one person from city hall. With due respect your execellency; posturing and political grandstanding will be of little help to your penchant for power. Just be bold and repeal Article 1(4) of the Constitution which enjoins the people to decide on who and how they want to be governed through regular free and fair elections or referenda. Idi Amin issued a decree that proscribed the election of the city mayor and the Obote II government enacted a law that vested the powers to appoint the mayor of Kampala in the office of the president. But all their illegal and ill motivated practices are no more, what about you!

Honourable Erias Lukwago,

the Lord Mayor of Kampala


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