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Makers of Uganda Gorillas film seek for donations

The makers of a film on the plight of Gorillas in Uganda dubbed “Galiwango: Obulamu bwe Ekisoode” are seeking for donations to fund the production of the first movie in the world that will address the plight of the Gorillas in Uganda.

Gorrillas which are man’s closest relatives remains one of Uganda’s main tourist’s attractions. However man’s activities of poaching, encroachment and wars threaten making them extinct.

Uganda Mountain Gorrilla

Uganda Mountain Gorrilla

The film is aimed at raising awareness on the brutal slaughtering the Gorillas face at the hands of people from Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo making Mountain Gorillas one of the endangered species in the world.

A statement seen by Ultimate Media from the film makers say that the film is still in production and they need support inform of finances to be able to pay for the equipment, software and labour.

They say therefore they are looking for a sponsor to help them fund the production of the movie.

The film makers say the film will be written in Luganda language of Central Uganda since it the most widely spoken language in Uganda.

The film will also have sub titles in English. There are plans to have sub- titles in Kiswahili and Kinyarwanda.

The film will also be followed up with an animated series about the plight of the Gorillas in Uganda.

The filmmakers say the initiative will help teach the future generation the value of conserving wildlife that is unique to Uganda.

The film is written, directed and animated by Solomon W Jagwe.

A film of mountain Gorrilas in Uganda Bwindi National Park

By Zacharia Tiberindwa, Ultimate Media

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