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MP Oto threatens to stage demonstration at Parliament

The MP for Aruu

Aruu County MP, Odonga Otto

County, Odonga Otto has threatened to camp at Parliament for the next seven months if the police do not grant him security.

The embattled MP says he has been receiving intimidating calls from unknown people he suspects they are from the ruling National Resistance Movement  government who are threatening his life and that of his wife and family members. He says the callers are telling him to join the ruling NRM party if he wants the allegations against him dropped.

Otto is now asking the police to provide security to his family before anything bad happens to them if police doesn’t want him to camp at Parliament.

Oto’s demands have come shortly after he had been disarmed by the police for reportedly threatening violence against pump attendants at a petrol station in Zzana near Namasuba trading centre on Kampala- Entebbe road.

The MP revealed his plans in Kampala today while addressing a press conference at Parliament. He declines to give details of the incident but insisted he is ready for prosecution if summoned to Court.  The youthful MP denies the accusations as mere political witch hunt against opposition politicians.

The Member of Parliament for Aruu County, Odonga Otto has continued to deny allegations that he drew a gun at pump attendant at a fuel station in Kampala suburb earlier this week and has accused government of orchestrating the allegations to frame the FDC leaning opposition MP.

The Police says about 14 witnesses had witnessed at the police pinning the legislator for drawing a gun at the pump attendants.

Otto told journalists at Parliament that he has always been a victim of political persecution and these allegations against him are baseless and are only aimed at trying to court him to join the ruling party.

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