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MP Otto returns pistol to police

Aruu County MP, Odonga Otto

The MP for Arur County, Odonga Otto has returned his pistol to the police following orders by police to have him disarmed.

MP Otto is accused of threatening violence at MO Petrol station in Zzana on Kampala –Entebbe road where he reportedly put the pump attendants at gun point over the weekend.

The MP is said to have demanded to be attended to before the other customers he found at the station, drawing his gun at the pump attendants who did not comply with his orders causing unrest at the petrol station.

The spokesperson of Police for Kampala for Kampala Metropolitan Region,  Senkumbi Idd Bin says he will be called by the police when need be.

Otto denies the incident claiming that he was in the village in Pader district at the time it reportedly happened.

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