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Museveni answers opposition: Go hang I will die president



President Museveni is a canning man, he hoodwinked his colleagues in National Resistance Movement Organisation (NRMO) that he is about to leave power by bringing the ”Muhoozi Project”. What many Ugandans didnt realise in the beginning is that the old man (Museveni) can not leave power unless two things happened to him.
1. He is forced out of power by pro-change Ugandans. 2. He dies as a sitting President. President Museveni, who also doubles as the commander in chief of Uganda’s armed forces can not trust his security with any one.

Many Ugandans have now realised that if they did not have the Democratic Party (DP) as a fully registered party, NRMO and President Museveni would use GREEN as the party colour.
That is why when President Museveni is discussing serious issues, he puts on green (military green garment) and also makes his people wear green.

The other things that most people in NRMO dont know is that power does not lie in their National Executive Committee (NEC)  or Central Executive Committee (CEC) of NRM but in the Army Council and UPDF High Command. Political analysists argue that the army (UPDF) is actually acting as the youth wing of NRM party in the understanding of president Museveni.


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