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Museveni must go – Mulwanyamuli

The president of Uganda, Gen. Yoweri Museveni must quit the presidency if he loses 2011 general elections to the President of the Democratic Party (DP), Norbert Mao or Col. Kizza Besigye of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) according to the former Katikiro of Buganda Kingdom Mulwanyamuli Ssemogerere who recently made a decision to support Uganda opposition in 2011 Uganda general elections.

Mulwanyamuli Ssemogerere

Mulwanyamuli Ssemogerere

“How can president Museveni stay if he loses elections- that is impossible!” Mulwanyamuli told a political gathering at Christ the King Church in Kampala on Thursday evening.

Mulwanyamuli, a former Prime Minister of Buganda kingdom, who recently joined the Inter Party Coalition, says Museveni must have the permission of people if he is to rule Uganda after 2011 elections.

Asked if the political conditions in Uganda are conducive for fair elections, Mulwanyamuli said, ‘not so good.’

He says the era of African presidents using security agencies to cling to power will not be tolerated anymore.

Museveni, who helped oust President Milton Obote in 1986 is increasingly receiving a lot of international criticism for his failure to leave power and corruption among others.

Many political parties, civil society organizations and opinion leaders among others say the 2011 general elections in Uganda will not be free and fair because of continued government failure to disband the Uganda Electoral Commission.

Analysts also believe that Museveni’s continued greed for power will make it hard to allow a free and fair 2011 elections. During the 2006 Uganda elections Museveni is on record for saying that revolutionaries like him do not leave power like chicken thieves.

By Walakira Nyanzi, Ultimate Media

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