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Museveni roots for commercial agriculture in Uganda

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President Yoweri Museveni has urged the people of Amolatar district and Ugandans in general to improve their household income by engaging in commercial farming.

The President was yesterday addressing a rally in Amolatar Boma ground, Amolatar cell in the newly created district of Amolatar at the conclusion of his 3 day tour of Lango sub-region in Northern Uganda to sensitize wanainchi on the government’s Prosperity For All (PFA) programme geared towards eradication of household poverty and ensure food security.

Museeni wants commercial farming

The President told them that while there is general development of infrastructure in the country, there is need for the people themselves to improve individual household income.

“These developments of infrastructure, like tarmac roads, will not address poverty at household level that is why we prioritize the issue of defining programmes correctly; otherwise you get lost. If you have a patient in your house, who keeps on groaning, you cannot sleep because of that groaning; but your neighbors will sleep. So is poverty. If you have it in your house, you cannot sleep. That is why the NRM government has gone beyond those public utilities to say deal with poverty in your houses,” he told the people of Amolatar.

Museveni told them of government’s programmes designed to help all Ugandans achieve the vision of Prosperity for all. He outlined the elements of the National Agricultural and Advisory Services (NAADS) that include, among others, teaching the population modern farming methods using improved seeds, breeding stock and how to prepare and use manure.

He further told them that some role model farmers are selected from every parish from whom all residents of that parish are to learn from and emulate. He added that other programmes like the Savings and Credit Co-operative Organisations (SACCOS), should be formed by the wanainchi themselves at every Sub-county to help those who learn fast to start commercial farming through borrowing money at low interest rates.

The President assured the people of Amolatar that SACCOS that perform well will receive financial boost from the government. He said government has, through NAADS, disbursed to the new district of Amolatar over Shs. 2 billion.

Mr. Museveni hailed one of the progressive farmers, Mr. Olobo James of Alwitlongo village in Agik-dak parish of Aputi Sub-county whom he had earlier visited, for being one of the disciples of the Prosperity For All programme. Mr. Olobo has many acres of orange trees, pine trees, Frisian cows, grows maize and has an apiary for honey.

“Mr. Olobo is a very rich man here in Amolatar and has sent his children to all Universities in Kampala. So, I want all of you to join the efforts of removing poverty through modern farming,” he told the attentive crowd.

The President told the people of Amolatar that the ferry that will ply between Lwampanga in Nakasongola district and Namasale in Amolatar district is being worked on. He also told them that the government is to improve their landing site but warned fishermen against catching premature fish. He pledged to work on the road to Namasale.

Museveni, who on arrival at Amolatar Senior Secondary School, interacted with students of that school, strongly cautioned the youth and asked them to guard against the HIV/AIDS scourge. “Your parents sent you to school to study not to engage in prostitution. After university, you get a job or employ yourself and then look for the most beautiful girl or handsome boy you will spend the rest of your life with. If you try to eat food from the saucepan that is on fire, it will burn your cheeks. So don’t be greedy for life. Life can burn your cheeks,” he advised the youth.

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