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Muslims ask government to recognise their martyrs Kabaka Mwanga killed at Namugongo


Muslims have asked the government of Uganda to recognise their martyrs who were killed at Namugongo Catholic Parish in Kampala on orders of former Buganda king Basamula Mwanga II.


A total of 61 Christians and Muslims were killed on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga after they refused to denounce their faith between 1885 and 1887. The king of Buganda wanted these Muslims and Christians to worship his gods and they refused his directives. The king as a result directed his soldiers to kill Muslims, Protestants and Catholics who were worshiping GOD.
Of these, 23 were Anglicans, 22 Catholics and 16 Muslims. Anglican and Catholic pilgrims from across the World converge at Namugongo on every June 3, to celebrate the resolute commitment of the Martyrs to their faiths. But the Muslim leaders in Kibuli say that even the Muslims Mwanga killed should be declared as martyrs.






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