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Nandala Mafabi is a non performer, liar, his voters say


The residents and voters of Budadiri west in Sironko district have described the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi as a non performer and a liar. The residents and voters are accusing Mafabi of not fulfilling the pledges he made during the 2011 campaigns.

While campaigning in 2011, Mafabi pledged to extend electricity, and supply piped water and buy booze, drugs and mattresses to every homestead in Budadiri. But three years down the road, Mafabi has not fulfilled any of the promises.

Mafabi, as a leader of opposition earns more than a minister in Museveni’s government. The people of Budadiri, both opposition and government supporters are displeased with Mafabi’s ‘empty’ promises.

However, Mafabi has apologized to his voters for not fulfilling his 2011 election pledges. Mafabi says he will fulfill some of his pledges before the end of his parliamentary term in 2016.



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