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New US study to help resolve infighting among Chimpazees

A new study by USA researchers from the University of Michigan might help to resolve a long-standing dispute about the deadly inter-group fighting among chimpanzees.

The study conducted in Uganda’s Kibaale National park of Western Uganda indicates that Chimpanzees violently kill other Chimpazees from rival groups in a bid to expand their territory therefore disputing suggestions that the infighting is a result of human intervention.



Chimpanzees along with Gorillas and other primates are humans’ closest living relatives. Anthropologists have long known that they kill their neighbors to seize land.

A primate behavioral ecologist John Mitani who was one of the researchers says the findings will help give a clear answer to the existing assumption by other researchers.

He says that the infighting mostly affects the infant Chimpazees because according to Mitala they are easier targets than the adult primates. Like members of other primate families, Chimpazees remain one of Uganda’s leading tourist attractions.

View Kibaale National Park in a larger map
A video of chimpanzees life in Uganda Kibaale National parks

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By Solomon Akugizibwe, Ultimate Media

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