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Nickname mania

Right from its genesis, the game of football has seen passionate support. Fans go mad whenever their teams loose or win. Some smash TV sets, cursing coaches whenever things don’t go their way while the applause normally go to the players for any positive result, tagging them with nick names that at times even erase their surnames.

In Senegal when a word ‘Serial killer’ is uttered out, even the police cannot be concerned as it is reserved for the country’s temperamental soccer star Elhadgi Diof.  In Italy there is only one ‘Mr. Rock’ – Marco Matarazzi while in Abuja, a vocabulary Magician, explains their celebralated mid field maestro Jay Jay Austin Okocha.

Such baptisms don’t spare other countries, Uganda inclusive. Ugandan soccer stars have had their fair share of nicknames, writes Ultimate Media’s Raamathan Kasozi.

Jackson Mayanjamia mia’

The current KCC FC tactician was one of the rare talents Uganda has ever produced. He was baptized Mia mia   by the Elmasry fans during his semi-professional stint in Egypt for his spirit to give 100% to the team’s cause. Mia , is a Swahili word meaning 100.

Magid Musisi [RIP]      Magic Tyson

The word magic hailed from the former Sc Villa sniper’s phenomenal predatory instincts   in front of the goal while Tyson for his enormous physical body build up in comparison with the former American undisputed world-boxing champion Mike Tyson.

Hassan Mubiru Figo

The celebrated Red eagle forward bares the tag of Figo , a nick name Villa fans gave him in 2001 when he swapped  red for blue, just like the way the Portuguese star Luis Figo, left Barcelona to foes Real Madrid.  In the first week ‘ Figo ‘ trained at Wankulukuku, fans had to cough out 5000 shs from the usual 500sh to have a glimpse at his training in the red bib.

Sula Kato Corner specialist

It was his ever well-calculated deadly swinging corner kicks that normally targeted the super heads of Magid Musisi and Paul Hasule that earned him the above nickname.

Hakim Magumba Boda Boda

The pint sized but deadly SC villa mid- field dynamo, acquired the baptism during his hey days due to his ability to penetrate any defense of any resistance in comparison with the Boda Boda motor bikes that can hardly be impeded by traffic jam.

Issa Sekatawa Golden boy

The former NYTIL FC and Express ace, hailed the name from his golden capabilities to score goals using any part of his body. He was the league top scorer for 3 consecutive seasons. NYTIL-1981 and Express Fc in 1982 and19 83.

David Kiwanuka Tiliika

Despite being limited in skills, it’s the pace of the athletic URA FC veteran striker that earned him the nickname.

Andrew Mukasa Fimbo

Very few non-relatives are aware that Kalyango is his surname as opposed to Fimbo. The nick name dates back from his playing time in the 1st division due to his incredible hard shots on target despite being lazy looking. The former Villa marksman, come to lime light in 2001 when he broke Jimmy Kirunda’s 32 league goal record to set his of 45.

Phillip Omondi  [   RIP] Wizard

The Ghana 1978 African cup top scorer, got the name after turning out to be a perfectionist in almost every basic of  football.

Mike Kiganda Computer

He was tagged   ‘computer’ because of his clear-cut passes and game reading.

Robert Tumusiime Kolobola

The current SCVilla captain bears the nickname for his ever rough and nasty tackles against his opponents that often leave them with injuries.

Kyambadde Willy Kadomola

It’s the love of the talented former KCC and Express Fc play maker with booze that earned him the above baptism. He once changed his name to Jamil, but didn’t cease his relationship with the bottle.

Isaac Mulyanga Kanu

The boy is identical with the Nigerian Super star from the feet to the head, hence the nickname.

Edgar Watson Muzungu

It’s the skin colour of the former  Cranes  and SCVilla skipper that deserved him the tag. Muzungu’ is a luganda word that refers to the whites.

Other common nick names

Godfrey Kateraga Super star

Badru Kakembo Zomba

Ashe Mukasa Lord

Paul Hasule [RIP]        V8

Sam Mugambe Mathematician

Isaac Nkaada Iron man

Paul Nkata Latest

Obadia Semakula Musanvu Wengwanga

Starnley Mubiru Tanker

Tom Lwanga Mr Confident

Jimmy Kirunda Berlin Wall

Phillip        Ssozi Manager we ‘Lukuli.

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