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NRM gets office donation in sironko district

President Yoweri Museveni has called for leadership by example saying people need to know that it is possible to live a prosperous life if they exploit their skills and available opportunities productively.
Speaking at a colourful ceremony at Bunanimi village in Sironko District during which the NRM chairperson for Sironko Hajji Sulaiman Mafabi Lumolo donated a newly built, fully furnished office building worth over Shs 500million to the NRM party and also unveiled a grand plan through which the party can make its income in the district to maintain its structures, President Museveni said this was the first time in the history of the party that a member has showed leadership in mobilization of the people and resources towards strengthening grassroot support.
“I want to thank Mafabi for two things; The leadership he has shown in mobilizing resources for the NRM office building in the district. This is the first time someone has done something like this. Normally, it is the other way round, the chairmen wait for me to do that. Secondly, I have been looking for money for the last 43 years now for this and Mafabi has taken some of that lubengo from me. Not only has he mobilized to ensure that we don’t rent but also that we have enough space from which to work. He has plans to build a hostel so that there is an income for the party,” he said.
The President had initially launched a new powerline as part of the Busulani-Gombe project funded under the Community Agriculture Improvement programme in the Ministry of Local Government in Budadiri. The Busulani- Bubolo new power line linking Busulani Sub County to Bubolo Parish cost Shs 400 million. The 7km medium voltage (11kV) and 100KVA transformer is to serve the maize mills at Bugitimwa. He later commissioned a bridge at Musiita before touring an income generating farm project on four acres of land by Mafabi Lumolo that has dairy cows and poultry worth over 100million shillings. The President later received over 1500 political converts who crossed over to NRM and pledged to embrace government programmes in the fight against poverty.
The President said they have saved a few billions and will soon start construction of the ultra modern NRM headquarters building in Kampala and urged party faithful to contribute generously for this great landmark.
The President hailed Mafabi for his income generating project and said he would support his efforts to ensure that his neighbours learn from him and also access quality breeds from him so that every household in his region can benefit.
“Leaders must live by example. If you talk of NRM that is what we mean so that all our people can get out of poverty. He has only four acres of land and with each cow giving him 20 litres a day, he gets over 120litres per day. In Bugisu, you have little and but if put to good use through cost effective projects you can have a good income. I don’t want to see a home without food or an income,” he said.
Responding to calls for support to the Boda Boda associations, the President said he would work with the local leaders to support organized groups but warned that there must be a limit on Boda Bodas.
“If you are all in Boda Bodas who will be the passengers? For me, I support agriculture. There is no limit on how much you can produce and you can sell locally, regionally or internationally, but where can you export Boda Bodas? Agriculture and industry are the way to go,” he said, adding that other sectors include industry, service, ICT and the civil service.
The President assured the people of Bugisu that the Nabweya water project in Bududa is on course and will be implemented. He cautions the youth against irresponsible and risky behavior including consuming alchohol and HIV/AIDS and urged them to commit to study with the aim of getting a skill.
Mr. Mafabi who presented President Museveni who is also the NRM national chairman with a dummy of the land title, said he was forced to mobilize support for the party offices after years of renting and being crammed in a one roomed small office and yet their supporters numbers were growing. He said that many people after realizing that there is a lot of politics of lies and manipulation decided to focus on governments programmes that empower them to change their lives positively.
“In order to serve them better, I thought it was important for me as the chairman to mobilize my team and also privately lobby our leaders here and we managed to build this office. This is proof that in 2016 – 2021, we will take this region by 99 percent. The large number of people who have crossed today is testimony that people are tired of lies and now want development,” he said.

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