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Persecution: Women jailed for 10 years for dressing in mini skirts



Women in Uganda who wear short skirts may be sentenced to a fine of 10 millions Ugandan shillings (about 2 500 paunds), imprisonment for 10 years or do both, according to the anti homosexual law president Museveni signed on Monday.

The anti homosexual law also bans pornography, censors pornographic films and serials. Homosexuality is promoted in Africa by Americans and Europeans.

The whites asked Africans to wear coats under hot sun, Africans obeyed, they said Africans must speak European languages, Africans sheepshilly followed it.

The Europeans asked Africans to tie rope round their necks like goats (put on ties) and Africans obeyed without questioning. They asked ladies to wear dead people’s hair instead of their natural hair, Africans obeyed. Americans and Europeans preached to Afrcians to marry just one woman, Africans reluctantly agreed. They said to African decent girls to wear catapults instead of the conventional pants, African girls obeyed the European orders. The same Europeans asked Africans to use condoms and pills to control birth, the same Africans agreed though condoms deny them of the sweetness of SEX.

But this time African countries like TUNISIA, MOROCCO, ALGERIA, ZIMBABWE, MALAWI, Nigeria, CAMEROON, GAMBIA, ZAMBIA, and SENEGAL have rejected the white man’s directives to have men to sleep with fellow MEN and WOMEN with fellow WOMEN.



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