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Powder milk contain nutrients


Powder milk products are an important of a child’s diet. It is a good source of energy and protein and it contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals.


The product is rich in calcium, which growing children and young people need to build healthy bones and teeth.


Skim milk powder, ometimes called dry or non fat milk is just as nutritious as fresh milk, but keeps longer and costs less. Skim powder provides bone-building nutrients such as protein, calium and vitamin D and A.

However, children below the age of 2 years shouldn’t drink skim powder milk or milk from skim powder because it doesn’t have enough fat for health growth.

Babies below 1 year shouldn’t be given condensed milk, evaporated milk, dried milk or any other drink referred to as milk such as rice, oat or almond drinks. Children should be given full fat milk untill they are 2 years old because they may not get the calories or essential vitamins they need from lower-fat milks.




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