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President museveni attacked regional politicians

President Museveni has attacked regional politicians who divide people along tribal lines.

He called for a regional seminar where leaders should debate this matter of tribalism which he said is fueling conflicts in the region hence retarding development.

The president made the tactical remarks while addressing the East African Legislative Parliament chaired by speaker Margret Zziwa at parliament.

Museveni said that the issue of tribes should not be emphasised because there were many Ugandans, Kenyans among others who were caught up in the South Sudan war which he says is a clear indication that tribes are not important since they don’t contribute to economic development.

Museveni went further to give what he called problems affecting economic growth within the EAC, saying besides transport barriers which he said the community was addressing slowly, there are numerous conflicts which he atrtributed to what he called politicians with poor discipline.

Meanwhile, Zziwa said the EAC parliament is fully supportive of Uganda’s military deployment in South Sudan to stop the war.

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