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Prostitution: I sell my body to pay fees at Makerere University


Our society tends to disassociate with prostitutes. But beyond the work they do there are tales of how they do their business and the gain they get. Prostitutes are often harassed by the police, army, government people, and strong men in society and sexually assaulted by clients.

The prostitutes in order to appease clients or their targeted buyers, they put on smiles, wear chic perfumes, some reside in nice houses and others spend their leisure time in modern bars and guest houses.

Irene (not real name but studies at Makerere University), and a friend of mine tells me how she trades commercial sex and gets fees she pays at the university.

Irene’s life as a commercial sex worker started when she was in primary seven at Nakasero Primary School in Kampala. Her parents had failed to pay her fees and one of her friends she identifies as only Nankya of Kyebando advised her to join prostitution and gets fees.

Residing in Wandegeya near MakerereUniversity, Irene uses the money she gets from prostitution to pay rent, look after her parents and fees at the university. She says her clients are some of Uganda government ministers, soldiers, MPs and big businessmen.

She took me in her room; Irene had a GO-TV, a TV set, a big bed, fredge, nice dresses and bags. What shocked me was that she is a student but she had a maid.

Walakira Nyanzi, you are welcome in my room, I think I am all yours today (in my heart I nodded yes!), that’s how Irene welcomed me when I went to her room to get an interview with her. Irene has a lithe body, glittering eyes, nice bums and wears a smile everytime. Her maid is a little girl and when I entered she requested her to get out. Irene is a full time B. COM student at MakerereUniversity.

When she is not at the university, she is either doing her course assignments or planning how she will operate commercial sex at night. She says most of her friends are girls in commercial sex and living good life.

Irene, a third year student at MakerereUniversity says she hangs in Kampala’s biggest hotspots and only takes wines and liquor. Whoever looks at her, Irene makes a good impression because she is very beautiful.

During the course of the day, Irene receives numerous phone calls scheduling appointments with her. After the interview we had lunch together and later she started to prepare herself for her night duties. As we were departing, Irene told me that she sometimes gets her clients through trusted references. She sometimes finds her on weddings…


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