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PSG win over Manchester United

UEFA Champions League Updates

It was a Champions League Match at Old Trafford between Manchester United and Paris Saint German.

The match begun as PSG was taking over Man United’s defence and approached for goal where Mbappe shot the ball but was stopped and Neymar made a counter attack and scored five minutes into the match.

Thirty one minutes into the match Man United devised a strategy to score as Martial(9) led to advance but he shot and was deflected but it was sent back and Bisaka drifted for the ball and passed it to Rashford(10) who shot the ball to the goal but it seemed that the keeper was going to catch it but it was deflected inside by Dannilo(15) and made the first goal for Manchester United.

Man United wanted to go with a win and they strived to get their second goal, got passed the defence Rashford(10) passed the ball to Martial but when he shot it ,the ball went overboard. Man United didn’t give up and struggled to score but Cavani(7) shot the ball and hit the top of the post but Martial tried to make a counter attack but it was deflected out by the keeper.

Sixty eight minutes of the game PSG took over the game and tried to score a tie breaker but when Neymar shot the ball it was deflected back but Makinios quickly shot it back before the keeper reacted and made the second goal for PSG.

Sixty four minutes of the game PSG strived to get another goal but one of the players was tackled by Fred(17) and he was immediately given a red card and sent off the field.

A minute to the end of the match PSG drifted through Man United’s defence and Neymar scored the third and final goal of the match.

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