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Scientists’ aprove homosexuality


Scientists in East Africa have proved to the world that homosexuality is a normal behaviour or a normal sexual practice. But the same scientists in Kampala are of the view that the people promoting and recruiting others into homosexuality should be prosecuted. But in Africa homosexuality means being immoral, bad, unwanted and uncultured in society.

The controversial views on homosexuality have come at a time when the Ugandan Members of Parliament in December 2013 passed a bill that out laws homosexuality.

The president of Uganda, Gen. Museveni says homosexuality is an abnormality and those practising it can be helped out of it through economic empowerment.

Dr Medard Bitekyerezo, an MP in Uganda representing MbararaMunicipality, Western Uganda, says that nobody is born a homosexual but the behaviour is acquired through training and practicing.

Homosexuality is not genetically transmitted. But it is a negative behavioural deviation. Homosexuality is a result of adventurism.


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