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Scientists discover new ways of how HIV is spread



HIV is spread through some of the body’s fluids. HIV is in: Blood, Semen, Vaginal fluids, Breast milk and some body fluids that may be handled by health care workers (fluids surrounding the brain and spinal cord, bone joints, and around an unborn baby).

HIV may be passed from one person to another by: Having sex (vaginal, anal, or oral) with a person who has HIV, sharing needles with someone who has HIV, such as when using drugs and Pregnancy, labor, birth, or breastfeeding if a mother has HIV.

It may also spread through Blood transfusion from an HIV positive blood donor, which is very unlikely today because U.S. blood banks test donated blood for HIV, Eating food that has been pre-chewed by an HIV-infected person. The blood in a caregiver’s mouth can mix with food while chewing. This is rare and has only been noted among infants whose HIV positive caregiver gave them pre-chewed food. Using dirty tattooing needles (if it was used before on someone with HIV). Make sure the needle is new.
o Sharing a toothbrush or razor with someone who has HIV



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