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Soaps and detergents cause eczema


After vigorous exercise, sweating may make your eczema symptoms worse. Try to keep cool when you are exercising by drinking plenty of fluids and taking regular breaks.

Irritants can make symptoms of eczema worse. What irritates you may be different to what irritates someone else with the condition.

Some symptoms of eczema come after using soaps and detergents, such as shampoo, washing-up liquid or bubble bath, some types of clothing, especially wool and nylon, overheating, very cold, dry weather, dust and unfamiliar pets.
Other possible triggers of eczema are substances that touch your skin, such as perfume-based products or latex (a type of naturally occurring rubber), environmental factors, such as tobacco smoke, living near a busy road or having water that contains lots of minerals (hard water)  and the changing seasons – most people with atopic eczema find that their symptoms improve during the summer and get worse in the winter

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