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State House claims Besigye wrote Sam Njuba’s anti government book


It seems the government too is failing to settle with the death of Hon Sam Njuba. State House claims that it is Dr. Col. Kizza Besigye (former president of Forum for Democratic Chnge) who wrote the book Betrayed which was launched at the burial of the late.

The same voices from state house came up when Dr. Olive Kobusingye wrote the Correct Line. Dr. Kobusingye is Dr. Beisgye’s sister.

Late Sam Njuba and Dr. Kobusingye are very intelligent people one can always be proud of when you meet them. However the spies at State House have told president Museveni that Besigye is a very intelligent man. He wrote a book and launched it at Sam Njuba’s burial. Sam Njuba was FDC National chairperson.

However, Getrude Njuba, the wife to late Sam Njuba says people should not accept to get drawn into conversations that belittle Njuba’s capacity to write own book.

She says that some people are trying to undermine Njuba’s book so it does not sale or to portray Njuba as a brainless man who can not author a book.




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